How To Add a chat room on your site

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How To Add a chat room on your site

Post  join on Sun Aug 15, 2010 1:51 am

Hi Admin,

Here is "how to add a chat room" on your site

1. Register for free on
2. you will have the script like this one (copy it and paste it in your "layout.php")

<style type="text/css">
#yellbox { width: 160px; text-align: center; }
#yellbox iframe { height: 200px; border: 1px inset; margin: 0px; width: 90%; }
#yellbox input { width: 90%; }
#yellbox button { height: 25px; }

<div id="yellbox">
<script language="Javascript" type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<noscript><p>The only thing is <a href="">text formatting</a> is a hassle without tools to help. Windows users have always customized their <a href="">wallpapers</a> for fun. ConvertPic is the best site when you want to <a href="">convert images</a>. Foreign <a href="">exchange rates</a> are an important part of the global economy. Reading <a href="">movie scripts</a> is a great way to get started in screenwriting. All gamers should get a <a href="">Wii</a> else they're missing out. <a href="">Blu-Ray rippers</a> have all sorts of applications, everyone should have one.</p></noscript>

<iframe name="ybframe" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" src="******"></iframe>

<form action="" method="post" target="ybframe" name="yellform" style="margin: 1px;">
<input type="hidden" name="sub_username" value="*****" />
<input name="sub_name" value="Name" maxlength="10" onfocus="if(this.value == 'Name')this.value = '';" /><br />
<input name="sub_message" value="Message" maxlength="255" onfocus="if(this.value == 'Message')this.value = '';" /><br />
<button onclick="return clearMessageBox();" style="width: 70%;">Say</button>
<button onclick="makeNewWindow(); return false;" style="width: 20%; border: none; background-color: transparent;"><img src="" alt="Smileys" /></button>

3. Reload your site
4. thats it Smile so easy huh.... Smile

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